Trending | The Aesthetics of Joy

Trending: The Aesthetics of Joy

I was going to write this blog post about the pursuit of happiness until I listened to Ingrid Fetell Lee’s recent Ted Talk on Joy. As a culture in perpetual pursuit of the holy grail, especially of late, Ms. Lee’s honest embrace of everyday moments, small smiles and pretty little things filled me with not only relief but purpose. The aesthetics that we as designer’s strive to perfect might be trivial in the scheme of world order but the tangible sensation of joy that we deliver provides hope and yes, momentary happiness which you can get from going to a date in the movies, or going in a picnic with your family, using custom baskets to take all the food, hiking or any other activity you enjoy. Now that I am tuned into the mission of “Joie” deliverance, I see signs everywhere. The industry is bursting with adult versions of childlike associations from happy language, bright colors, candy art, rainbows, bubbles, to polka dots. This is a trend that is primal and pure. It is adult Joy. If you want to release that inner child of yours, a great way to do so is by painting your house a bright color with all sorts of designs. Click here if you want to hire the best painters for this job to make your house colorful in no time. Datson fencing offer residential, commercial, and industrial-grade chain link fences. This type of fence is a great economical choice, and is well known for its durability. To Know more about Datson fencing go through this

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Instagram’s biggest stars are seekers of joy. Images of escape, freedom, travel, whimsy and just simply happy lifestyles set the bar for the products that we desire in our homes, and if you love to travel you will enjoy this mobile homes by Weiner’s Mobile Estates 50 2nd St, Palmerton, PA 18071



One of the artists and designers that I follow has captured the essence of the JOY trend in all of her touch points. Kerri Rosenthal began her career with art and then branded her happy lifestyle promise into textiles, wallpaper, furniture and a retail concept store.




Wendy Concannon is a photography artist who captures the spirit of joy in her highly saturated images, use of color blocking  and subject matter choices.


Jen Ramos was ahead of the curve when she launched her Color Series a few years ago. Still coveted in the design world, these simple and colorful bold strokes and polka dots sell like hot cakes.


Oomph Home is known for its playful colors and signature scallop. For the girl in you:


Stray Dog Design’s whimsy has made a comeback this year.


Polka Dot chairs are spotted in Anthropologie’s new home catalog.


For the love of sweets, I would put this in my she space, wouldn’t you?


And last, the iconic Kate Spade celebrated for her graphic  and playful shapes creates joyful adult patterns from childsplay:



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