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From down under, Australian COBO aka Coastal Boho with an Aussie twist is lighting up Pinterest and Instagram with its South Pacific relaxed chic. I am personally crushing on this design style. Think neutral, white infused, layers of texture, natural woods, 70’s rattan, sage, saturated natural light and outback earth colors. Even for outer drainage, you have to maintain blocked drains in sydney.  Interior paint job requires some skills and experience if you want to have the best possible result (read more here on interior painting tips). Different than Cali Boho, this casual trend trades midcentury for artisan made and retro 70’s art for over-scaled black and white safari photography. COBO also feels a little like Scandi Boho.

Notable differences between the Aussie vs Scandi styles include warm-toned wood floors vs white bleached, indoors out in any space, tribal art and accessories and many materials for the construction  from, and the use of locally sourced greenery; there are also lots of different styles in terms of window designs and placements, where to get the light from in a room and in the entire house, window placement has become an art form entirely, some people consider re-working their entire window structures in their house and thus need replacement windows kansas city in order to make that happen. All three styles do share similarities and are thriving in the design world for embodying a casual elegance that exudes effortless styling, lazy day Sundays, and a laid-back lifestyle that most of us dream about. After all, isn’t that what makes a trend? Now that you have your house in excellent order you need an inspection in your electric system and contact the plumber montclair nj to check for any water damages.

Classic Cali  Black Band

Classic Scandi Black Rooster Décor

Classic Aussie – COBO

Special shoutouts to some of my favorite Aussie designer’s from interiors to products: 

Donna Guyler

Lifestyle Stores – Hart

Armadillo and Co – Rugs

The Beach People – Textiles

Oz Designs

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