Feathers Forever?

The feather motif – tired or timeless? It has been around for a few years but clients continue to ask for it.  Take a look at how these creative artisans have managed to keep this trend going with artful, inventive and fresh takes on the forever feather.  Some of my favorites include:

My personal obsession with this feather series from Bandhini:

Bandhini Macadamia White Feather Art

Bandhini Tropical Black Feather Art


Bandhini Latope Feather Art

Coral and Tusk’s Plumes Fabric:

Plumes Yardage

An office favorite in many colors this wallpaper is hip and timeless:

Aimee Wilder Indian Summer Wallpaper

Club Cu Tribal Feather Necklace

Kronbali African JuJu Hats

Emma Von Brossen Selma Serveware