For the Love of Flange

There are so many beautiful upholstery details that designers and the furniture industry are using today. But nothing speaks relaxed, tailored, modern comfort better than flange. Take a look on all Arts and Crafts style upholstery fabric can be sold by the yard or County Fabrics can make you pillows or table runners. Technically, flange is a wide flap of fabric added to the edge of upholstery items like pillows to replace piping, welting and other trims.

I search for art for my clients weekly. One of the hardest but most desired motifs are florals that are universally appealing and not cliche, fussy, or feminine.

Getting you house ready with the interior design is the most beautiful thing and exciting to do, but it is not the only thing, remember to do a house inspection of all the systems for example the heating repair or for any leak detection, using the linberg process equiptment to check up your water system and contact and electrical professional for this matter as well.

Some of my all time favorites feature dandelions, alliums, poppy’s and singularly beautiful stems and shapes with great form and graphic posture.

Take a look at all the creative Flange options available today:

Standard Flange:

Crate and Barrel Linden Pillow

Contrast Flange:

Serena and Lily | Border Pillows

Relaxed Leather Flange:

CB2 Flanged Pouf

Butterfly Corner Flange

Grateful Home Bench Seat Cushion

Applique Flange on Bedding

Pottery Barn Linen Bedding

Ruffled Flange:

Caravane | Maya Pillows

Split Flange:

Bonaldo Bed

Whipstitch Flange: | Celena Collection

French Mattress Quilted Flange

Grateful Home

Double Flange:

Anek Designs | Etsy

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